Online Logbook

  You'll have instant access to past applications so you can make sound judgments on current ones. No more wasting time digging through a hand written log looking for information that's hard to read. The built in filtering of applications makes this a snap.

  You'll have access to your current chemical prices making it possible to purchase chemicals knowing your getting a good price.

You can rate applications with the built in 1-5 star rating system. This gives you a quick reference to past applications that either worked or didn't.

Central Notification

The central notification plug-in allows posting of currently active R.E.I.'s when a pc and monitor are placed in the central notification area. These applications will automatically appear on the screen as their submitted and drop from the display as the R.E.I.'s expire.

Some states require hard copies of applications to be in a logbook in the central notification area. Printing of applications can be done from your pc or mobile device with the proper network setup to a WIFI enable printer or to a printer hooked directly to a remote computer with network and internet access.

Sign Up

  We're working on getting the logbook stable so that it will fully meet the needs of both small and large growers. Check back often as a few more testers might be needed to check the functionality of certain features. If we need testers we'll have a sign up form here for those interested in testing.

  Here's an example logbook so you can test the look and feel of some of the features of the logbook.